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Why Choose

Tavroges Legal Services

for the

Landlord and Tenant Board?

You may own one, two, three or even one hundred

investment properties.

Maybe you've been lucky and have never experienced issues with your tenants before and then it happens.....

1) The rent hasn't been paid.

2) The rental property has been damaged.

3) There have been so many complaints about noise.

4) The tenant is harassing other tenants.

5) An illegal act has been committed at your rental property.

6) Or....the tenant has made an application against you.

What do you do?


The forms are so confusing.

The process is so intimidating.

Appearing at  the tribunal makes you anxious and nervous.

Everything is stressing you out!!!

Speak with someone who has

The Knowledge, Experience and is a

Skilled Passionate Advocate for You!

Tavroges Legal Services Specializes in taking care of Residential Landlords  ONLY.

Tavroges Legal Services can take care of absolutely everythingevery single step of the way.

From Preparing Notices, Serving Documents,  

Filing ApplicationsCommissioning Affidavits,

Representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board

and  even Help to Enforce the Order


Don't be reactive...BE PROACTIVE!!




tel: 705-722-1971

email :

fax: 855-630-9564




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